What Type of Questions Will be Asked During the Contest?

Each Sumdog Math Contest is designed to provide a fun and educational way for students to learn about mathematics. That means we offer a range of questions to keep students inspired and engaged.

Students will be asked questions based on their diagnostic test scores, ensuring that they are framed at the appropriate learning level. 

If a student has not yet completed their diagnostic test prior to a contest starting, they will be asked a range of questions from the following levels: 

  • Kindergarten to Grade 8 (in the USA)
  • Reception to Year 9 (in England)
  • Primary 1 to Secondary 3 (in Scotland)

If your students are taking part in a contest in a country not listed above, or have not yet completed their diagnostic test, then the questions posed will be comprised of a similar level to the ranges noted above. 

Can I set my own questions during the contest?

No. This is to ensure that all contests are fair and impartial. Teachers are not able to set levels or skill restrictions during the contest. 

All questions asked during the contest will be focused on mathematics. 

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