Contest Leaderboard and How Are Contest Scores Calculated?

This page will answer your questions about how contest scores are calculated, and how you can view the leaderboards.


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Where can I view the scores?

Teachers can view scores once a contest has started by using this link


You can also view the leaderboards by going to the Contest Page and selecting the following:

Step 1: Log in to your teacher account, then click ‘Set Work’.

Click 'VIEW' in the Enter Contest box.

Step 2: Click ‘(number) classes' under the Leaderboards heading.  Screenshot__187_1.png

You can then scroll down to view leaderboards for:

  • Top 10 classes
  • Top 10 students
  • Daily winners

If you want to view more classes or students on the leaderboard, click on the link under the top 10 list.

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How is the class score calculated?

Class scores are calculated as a class average. This is done to make the contest fair for both large and small classes, and not simply make it so the largest classes will always win. 


The overall class leaderboard is calculated based on an overall class average measured across the contest period. 


Daily winners are calculated based on the average score recorded by a class on any given day. At least 5 students would have needed to take part each day to qualify for the Daily winners leaderboard.

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How are students’ individual scores calculated?

The individual score for each student is calculated based on the correct answers given to questions posed. Each correct answer is equal to one point in the contest. 


There is a question limit of 1,000 questions during the contest to ensure that it is fair. That means that once a student has answered 1,000 questions as part of a contest, any questions that follow will not count towards their score. The maximum individual score possible for a Sumdog Math Contest is 1,000.

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How are the daily winners calculated?

The daily winner class scores are calculated on a daily average for any given class. At least 5 students will need to take part on each day to qualify for the leaderboard.


The PDF certificate for daily winners will be awarded to a given class only once. That means that if your class was the winner already in a particular Sumdog Math Contest, you will not receive a new certificate for winning again. Although we do celebrate your great work of course! This is so more classes have the chance to receive a daily winner prize during the contest.


If a class who has previously been crowned as daily winner achieves first place for a particular day, then the next highest class who have not yet received this accolade will be awarded the prize. This class will appear first on the leaderboard, although their daily score may actually only place them second or third for the day. 


This allows more classes, and more students, to receive a daily winner prize during a contest. 

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What happens in the event of a tie?

In the event of tied scores for either the class or student leaderboard, the winner is based off the average speed with which questions were answered.

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Why has my class score gone down?

Class scores are based on an average, so a number of factors can impact your class score.


Has a new student recently been added to the class? Did a student only recently begin answering questions as part of the contest? 


Since contest scores are calculated as an average, a new student joining a contest can reduce the average class score at first. 


Example: You might see that your class score was 250 yesterday, and today it has dropped to 239. This is because new students have begun to participate in the contest, and have reduced the average overall class score temporarily. 


Example: Yesterday, 12 students were entered in the contest with a total score of 3,000. The overall class average score will be calculated as:


3,000 (total score) / 12 (total students) = 250


A new student has been added to the class today. The overall class score for the day will then be divided by 13 instead of 12. Today, the total class score has gone up to 3,100, however the class average will be:


3,100 (total score) / 13 (total students) = 238


The same will apply if an existing student in the class has started answering questions in the contest for the first time.

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Why has my class score stopped moving?

Students can answer up to 1,000 questions for any given contest. Once those 1,000 questions have been answered, any additional questions answered will not count towards the contest score. If all students in your class have reached this limit, your contest score will no longer change. 


If students are still working on the contest, and their individual scores are still moving but your class score has not, there’s no need to worry. Contest Page scores are not updated in real-time, but are instead updated at 30-minute intervals during the day.


If students are answering questions and the score isn’t changing throughout the day, it might be worth checking to ensure that your students have selected Sumdog Math Contest as their current activity on their accounts.

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Why have my students score stopped updating?

Students can answer up to 1,000 questions for any given contest. Once those 1,000 questions have been answered, any additional questions answered will not count towards the contest score. If all students in your class have reached this limit, your contest score will no longer change. 


If a student’s score is not increasing while answering contest questions, check to see if they have reached that limit.


You can check this by looking at the student account, and viewing the ‘Questions left’ bar for the contest. If this measure is at 0, the student has already reached the 1,000-question limit for the contest. 


If the student still has questions left on the contest, ensure they have selected Sumdog Math Contest as their primary activity, and aren’t working on other activities. Questions must be linked to Sumdog Math Contest to count towards the contest score. 


There’s no problem if your student has selected another activity. Simply click on Change Activity, and select the contest from the list of available activities. 


Here are more details about how your students can take part in a contest.

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Can I view a report on the contest performance for my class?

You will only receive a class report for a contest if ten or more students took part. That means ten or more students must have been signed up for, and answered at least one question during, a particular contest. 


These reports will provide details on a student’s position within your overall class, and only count total correct answers. In the event of a tie between students, we order the leaderboard based on the accuracy and average speed of answers. If you wish to study the report you can:

Step 1: Log in to your teacher account, then click ‘Set Work’.

Click 'VIEW' in the Enter Contest box.


Step 2: Click ‘Reports’ in the green box next to the contest you would like to review.

If the contest is currently ongoing click on 'Entries' instead.

Step 3: You will now be able to see the classes from your school and their relative position in the contest. Click ‘Report’ next to the class you would like to view to narrow down to that class. Screenshot__191_1.png

You will now be able to view the list of students that took part in the contest within that class, alongside:

  • Total number of questions answered
  • Number of correct answers
  • Average speed of answer 
  • Position in the contest

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Why did my class not win, we were the top class most days?

We know it’s the taking part that counts, but it’s also good to see a class rewarded for their hard work. Overall class scores are calculated based on an average across the class measured over the period of the whole contest. This means that a class could still achieve first place with the highest average score across the entire contest, without having achieved the highest daily average consistently. 


This scenario can occur in situations where students from one class answer a large share of their questions towards the end of a contest, where another class answers more questions earlier in the contest period. 


If you want to understand where your class is in the overall leaderboard, we would advise looking at the top 10 classes leaderboard. This score will be based on the total class average. 

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