Contest Prizes and Redemption

All great contests deserve a great prize. The Sumdog Math Contest is no exception! We offer a range of prizes to inspire your students. 


In this guide you can find out more details about the prizes available from our contests, what your class or students can receive, and how you go about redeeming prizes awarded. 


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What prizes are available?

The prizes for the contest are as follows:

  • First place: Six-month Sumdog Mathematics Class Subscription. In the event your class already holds a Mathematics Subscription, Sumdog will offer Spelling and Reading Subscription to the class instead. If you prefer we can assign the Mathematics Subscription to another class of your choice within the school. It’s good to share. 


  • Daily winners: The coveted Sumdog Certificate of Achievement.


  • Top 10 student: The coveted Sumdog Certificate of Achievement


  • Participation reward: A single item for the Sumdog house is given to all participating students who have answered at least 100 questions in the contest.

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How can I redeem my six-month subscription?

Teachers can redeem the subscription prize from the Contest Page here. Just click on the link next to the subscription prize to fill in the redemption form. There is a 1 month validity to redeem and activate the subscription.


Once this form has been filled in, it will take up to five working days for your six-month subscription to be activated. 

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How can I print the certificates? 

It’s nice for students to receive their certificates, so we’ve made it easy to print them for presentations. You can print out certificates for daily winners and top 10 students here.


You can also navigate to these certificates through your teacher account. Click on ‘VIEW’ in the contest box on your dashboard, then click on ‘See your prizes’. You will then be able to print out the PDF certificates.

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How do students receive their participation reward?

The participation reward is given to all students once they have answered 100 questions in the contest. The reward will come in the form of a luxury and/or limited edition item for their Sumdog House, and will be sent to their account automatically. They can find it in their house once it has been sent. 

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Is there an expiry date for redeeming prizes?

You have one month from the end of a contest in which to activate your six-month subscription prize. 


There is no expiry date for certificates, and you can access and print them out as you wish. 

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Are there other resources I can use for the contest?

Yes! We have a range of blank certificates and contest posters that you can print and use to add that personal touch to your prizes. You can find the range of Sumdog resources here

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