Other Common Sumdog Contest Questions

On this page, you will find the answers to some other common questions about our Sumdog Math Contest. If you would like to find out more about the contest dates, and when they will take place in your country and region, click here.

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How long is each contest?

Our contests run from Friday 8AM through to the following Thursday at 8PM. All times will reflect your own country’s time zone. 

Is there a minimum or maximum class size?

In order to ensure that the contests are fair, a minimum class size of five students is required to take part. There is a maximum class size in the system of 40 students. 

Don’t worry if you’re teaching a small class though! There’s still a way you can participate in the event. If you have less than five students, you are able to combine classes for the contest period. You can look at our guide here on how to move students between classes.

We should warn you it’s not wise to move your students between classes during the contest. This will reset any contest score you have achieved so far, and might prevent your students from continuing with the contest. 

Can I still enter my class after the start date?

Yes, you may enter your class into a contest at any time during the contest period. Your students will be able to participate at any time during this contest period. 

Can I move students between classes during the contest period?

You can, but we wouldn’t recommend it. We advise not to move students between classes once a contest has started, as this can reset the score they have achieved. 

If you want to add a student to a class during a contest, there’s no need to worry. You can add students to a class during this period as you would at any other time. Once a student has been added to the class, it might take up to 45 minutes for the contest to appear as available on their account. This is due to the time taken for the contest to synchronise with their account and the class they’ve been added to.

Why is my class greyed out?

The most likely reason you can’t enter a contest is you don’t currently have 5 students assigned to your class in Sumdog. This will result in that class being greyed out and unavailable to enter on the contest entry page. 

You will need at least five students in the class to enter a contest. 

My students can’t see the contest

If your student is unable to see the contest in their Sumdog activities, first make sure they’re logging on with the correct account. If another teacher at the school has also created an account for the student, it may be they’re logging on to this alternative account by mistake. 

We would normally advise students are only given one account to avoid any confusion. This account can then be moved between classes instead of having to create a new account at the start of each school year. It helps avoid confusion, and should mean less work for you. You can always add your students to multiple groups for overlapping elements of work.

It’s also helpful to check that the correct class has been entered into the contest. It is sometimes the case that a previous class has been entered accidentally, meaning the current class isn’t showing as entered into the contest. 

Don’t worry if this is the case. You can still enter the correct class into the contest at any time during the contest period. That means your students don’t have to miss out on the fun.

If a new student has been added to your class, the contest may not be immediately available. It takes up to 45 minutes for the system to synchronise and make the contest available in their account. 

Why has my class or student’s score been reset?

This problem is likely caused by a student being removed from a class that has been entered into the contest. It may be another teacher in the school has deleted or transferred their account, and potentially created new accounts for them. 

If a student has been removed from a class during a contest, then added in again at a later date, their score will be reset back to zero. Unfortunately we are not able to add their previous score, but hopefully they can dive into more math fun and get right back on the scoreboard. 

We always advise trying to avoid moving students between classes during an active contest. 

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