How can I control what my class is working on?

With your Live controls you will be able to control:

  • Your students Focus Work: from here you will be able to restrict the type of activities your students can access.
  • Restrict Grade: Here you will be able to set a minimum and maximum grade, this means your students will only be asked questions within the set grade level.
  • House: you will be able to open or close the Sumdog House for your class.
  • Student's choice: You can either allow or disallow your students to choose their own skill.
  • Select Subject: From here you will be able to choose the subject you would like to view on your dashboard or restrict your students to work on that subject for an hour. (all other subjects except Math are a subscription feature)


How do I reach my Live controls?

  1. Select Set Skills at the top of the page (next to Overview)
  2. Click Live controls (below Overview and next to Plan work)
  3. If you are managing more then one class you can select the class you would like to restrict on the Live controls by clicking on the arrow (next to the class name)
  4. Tick the class you would like and click Done (on the bottom right of the page)
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