Can tutors and homeschoolers use Sumdog?

Yes, tutors and homeschoolers can use Sumdog, although there is no dedicated account type for this user. We suggest registering for a parent account, you will then be able to add your students as children by creating an account for them. Tutors can link their existing Sumdog account from a school direct to the new student or family.


With your parent account, you are able to purchase a Family Membership for your students. That will give them access to the full range of subjects and games on Sumdog, and allow you to set work and goals for them.


You can find out more about our Family Membership here.


Creating a child account

Click 'Settings'  Screenshot__218_4.png
Click ‘Edit’ in the Children box  Screenshot__225_2.png
You can then either choose to create new accounts for your students (children) or link their existing account from school to your family. Screenshot__67_.png
Remember - if you’re linking to an existing account, you will need to complete the username, password and school code for the relevant school account.

Once their accounts are created, you will be able to view their login details. They will need to use this each time they log into their account.


Keep track of their progress


The Sumdog dashboard enables you to keep track of a student’s progress by allowing you to see how many questions they have answered. You can choose to view individual report cards by clicking a particular student’s account.


Diagnostic test

The diagnostic test is important to ensure students are playing Sumdog at the level that best fits their needs. Students will undertake this test when they first start using Sumdog. 

You can find out more about the diagnostic test and why its used here.


You can check the diagnostic test for individual students on their report card, providing you easy oversight of their diagnostic test score. 

If your student is already linked to a particular teacher on the school account will need to reset the diagnostic test. Likewise if your student is not linked to a school, you will be able to reset their diagnostic test score as is needed. This is a simple process.


Click a student's name on the Sumdog dashboard


Click on ‘Diagnostic Test Report’


Click ‘Re-run’ to start a new diagnostic test for a student who has already completed one. This is found at the bottom right of the page.


If a student has not yet completed a diagnostic test, you will have to wait for them to complete one before this reset can be triggered.




When it’s helpful to reset diagnostic tests

Sumdog advises resetting the diagnostic test at the start of a new school year. It’s important that your students will have recent and relevant diagnostic test results to ensure they’re getting the most out of Sumdog.


Want more information about setting up a Family Membership on Sumdog? Read our Parent Help section to find out more. 

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