How can I check my students' fact fluency?

You can use Sumdog to check each student's fact fluency and their mastery of the multiplication tables.


Fact Families Report:

To check an individual's fact fluency, click on the student on your dashboard, then click ‘Fact Families Report’. The pyramid will show you which facts they have mastered, which they are working on and which they haven't started.

You can switch between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division along the bottom.


Skills Status Report:

With a subscription, you can see compare the whole class and quickly create teaching groups of students that need additional support.

Click on Reports at the top of your dashboard, make sure that you have selected Charts (the option on the next row). Click on Start in the Class report box.  

You can click on a skill to group students by those who have mastered it, those in progress and those who haven’t started.


If you are using the old teacher dashboard to view the skill status report:

Click ‘Math Reports’ on your dashboard then ‘Class Reports’. Select ‘Skills status’ and format as ‘Table report’.




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