Do Sumdog games use HTML5?

As Adobe the creators of Flash have decided to stop their support by 2020, our Sumdog team has been working hard to convert the existing 2D games which runs on Flash to HTML5.

All new games are made to run on HTML5 instead of Flash and have the word '3D' behind each game title.

Although not all 2D games have yet to be converted you will be able to access some of the more popular converted 2D games in 3D.


If your school has a subscription, don't worry we are currently in the process of moving from Flash to HTML5 and will have more games converted to 3D within the year.

If you school are using the free version of Sumdog, you will have access to 10 free 3D games. Here are a list of the games available.

If you are a teacher you can find out more about what is happening with Flash here.


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