Why does it say 'Your browser's too old'?

We have been working hard to ensure that you and your students are only shown games which are compatible with your browser/app. When your students log onto their City page now, they can scroll using the left and/or right arrows to view all the games they are able to play.

However, Adobe the creators of Flash will be stopping their support for Flash and we have therefore converted our existing 2D games to 3D which can run of the web (using WebGL). 

You can find out more about what is happening to Flash here.

Due to this some students who are using a non WebGL supported browser will see a message 'Your browser's too old' when they log into their City Page.


If you do see this, don't worry you will just need to download the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

If you are using Safari you will need to download either Chrome, Firefox or Edge. Due to Safari not supporting WebGL. 

Our teams will currently continue to support the 2D games, and you can still enjoy the 2D games by using the left and right arrow on the City page to scroll to the games. 

We do however recommend that you use either Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the latest Sumdog games and system compatibility.



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