What can I do on Sumdog?


What can we do on Sumdog with the free version?

  • Our adaptive learning engine delivers curriculum-aligned questions targeted to each student's level
  • View diagnostic test results to see where individual students have been focused in the curriculum 
  • Pinpoint students working well, or those who need a little help, by tracking live activity data as they play
  • Set grades for your students to work within
  • Join a math contest and compete against nearby schools. Students answers their own adapted questions so anyone can win 

 If we have a subscription, what can we do?

Sumdog's intervention tools help you identify students who may be struggling or require extra assistance, and tailor their learning as needed. Teachers retain control of what students are working on, and can set specific skills for revision or extension. Sumdog’s reporting gives you instant insight into students’ performance. Target your interventions to individual students or small groups - while Sumdog's adaptive learning engine manages the rest of the class. 

  • Customizable online assessments
  • Target each student individually through fun challenges and competitions
  • View progress, effort and hard skills with detailed proficiency charts, table reports and bar graphs


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