Sharing your data with Sumdog on Clever


Follow our step by step guide on how to share the correct information to Sumdog from Clever.


  • In Clever, click the Applications tab. Look for Sumdog Rostering & SSO and go across to the sharing preferences.
  • In the next screen, select Share By Rules. 
  • The next page, select the middle box, to the right which says Share sections by subject and grade. 

You will need the following rule:      

  • WHERE -- Subject -- Equals any of -- Math/Mathematics (There will be a drop down menu to select from) *
  • AND -- Section grade -- Equals any of -- Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, etc.  

    Note: the boxes are case sensitive.

  • Once you’ve selected the correct subject and grades, click Done Editing and you’ll be brought to a review page. Here you can review what you’ve shared. If that looks correct, hit Save Sharing Rules, confirm and the share is complete!


*For lower grade students, you may have to share by homeroom rather than math class as they may not be assigned a specific math class.     


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