What happened to my normal games?

With Adobe deciding to stop supporting Flash by the end of 2020 our team has been hard at work creating and converting your favourite games to our newer 3D platform.

Here is more details about what is happening with Flash.


What does this mean? In the past most of the newer released games in 3D would be subscription exclusive. Now students using the free version of Sumdog will have access to 10 of the newer and converted games.


Here are some of the games you will be able to play and enjoy in 3D:

  • Junk Pile 
  • Dance
  • Cannon Ball (new release)
  • Glider
  • Go Cart
  • Roller Coster
  • Stepping Stones
  • Kiteboarding
  • Animals
  • Pier Walk


To be able to play the games in 3D you will need to use the latest supported browsers.


If you are unsure if your web browser will support the web based 3D games you can click here to run a browser check. 


If you are using Internet Explorer or Safari you will need to download either Chrome or Firefox. You can click here to see our list of our supported browsers. 


If you are using the Sumdog 2D app you can also download our new Sumdog app (used to be called Sumdog 3D) from either the Android or App store. 

Still stuck? ... Contact us