The warm up

The first mathematics game of any Sumdog session is a warm up.

Before this first game, we'll show the student a page of facts, targeted at their level.

These facts cover specific skills that it's helpful to know by heart - for example, multiplication tables, or calculating the area of a triangle. 

Then, during that first game, we'll ask questions related to the warm-up facts, to help students commit them to memory.

When the warm up is finished, your students focus on the activities you've chosen for that class. If you've not set any work, Sumdog chooses a focus skill automatically. If you've set an assessment, they can do this before the warm up. 

Students see the warm up whenever they log in to Sumdog - even if this is halfway through a lesson.  If students share a computer, and so log in and out a number of times during a lesson, they'll see the warm up more often.

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