What do Sumdog's administrator reports show me?

Our Administrator Reports give you class, group or year group/ grade overview progress reports and analysis. 

You can view:

Activity of your classes each week over a given time period (learn more)

  • How many students have played 
  • Average class time spent on Sumdog
  • Average questions answered for each class
  • Average correct answers for each class
  • Average accuracy for each class
  • Average skills completed by each class

An activity summary for various time periods (learn more)

  • See all of the above in one summary 

Hard skills (learn more)

  • See how many students in each class are struggling with particular skills 

 Student level (learn more)

  • See how many students in each class are on each level 

Proficiency (learn more)

  • View the average growth in proficiency for each class
  • View the proficiency score average for each class

Skills by grade (learn more)

  • View the percentage of skills completed
  • View how many students have completed skills

Fact families (learn more)

  • Accuracy
  • Questions answered
  • Speed
  • Students attempted
  • Students completed 


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