Can I restrict the skills my student's work on?

With a subscription, you can choose the skills your students can work on. To do this: 


  1. Log onto your teacher account
  2. Click the green skills panel on the right 
  3. Click set skills
  4. Choose a subject, click next
  5. Choose a class, click next
  6. Pick which skills you'd like them to be restricted to, click next 
  7. If there are already restrictions in place for these students, Sumdog will ask you if you would like to keep or replace the previous restrictions. 
  8. Click set skills 


The restrictions will apply until the student has mastered these skills or until the end of the school year. You can view and remove skill restrictions by clicking skills on the right and click "View/remove skill restrictions"


The restrictions will apply after they have completed the diagnostic test and only during school hours. 


Unless you choose tables in your skills, the tables option will be grayed out. 



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