How to create a group

To group students on your main roster, go to manage students

To add one or more students to a Group:

1) Select Settings (at the top of the page)

2) Click Manage in the Manage students box


3) If you would like to select students who are not in your class, on the top under Class filters tick All year groups. Or click on (Show all classes) next to the My classes heading.

You will now be able to view all the classes in the school.

4) Click the blue triangle next to classes to see the students in them and click Select multiple students. Pick the students you want to group.

5) Click Set groups at the bottom 

6) Once happy with your selection, click Set groups at the bottom blue bar again

7) If it's a new group, click Add to a new group, give your group a name and a description if you wish. Alternatively, if it's a group that already exists, select your chosen group.

8) Click Save to confirm the group.





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