What are groups?

Groups can be used to organize students in your class into smaller sets. 


Examples Scenarios of how to use groups:

Scenario 1. You teach a grade 2 class made up of three different ability groups. Create a class for your students. Then create a further three groups for your three ability groups. 

Scenario 2. You have mathematics, reading and writing sets. Set up a class for mathematics. Then create a reading and a writing group.

Scenario 3. You might want to be able to view all the students in a year group at once. Set up individual classes as normal. Then create a group for all the students in that year. This will allow you to see how, for example, year 3 as a whole is progressing.


What can I do with groups?


You might want to set up a separate group for a lunch-time Sumdog club. This will let you quickly create an activity for the students involved.


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