What is the 'House Access'?

The Sumdog House is where students can go to spend their coins in the shop. They can edit their avatar and play with their pets here and  will be able decorate their house and garden.


By default, Sumdog's House, Garden and shop are closed between school hours. This is to help students concentrate on answering questions whilst at school.

Outwith these hours, students will be able to access these features and the options to control these features will be greyed out.

As a teacher, you can control student access to the House, Garden and Shop during school hours.


To open the house for the whole school: 

  1. Click on settings from your menu bar 
  2. Select School settings from the second menu
  3. Navigate towards the 'School details' box, and click on CHANGE.
  4. On the main settings page, scroll down to House access 
  5. Click change and tick the option to open the house during school time
  6. It will stay open until these settings are changed
  7. To close the house during school time follow the same instructions


To open the house for your class only:

  1. Log in and you'll see your teacher dashboard
  2. Navigate to the house box to the left of your class list.  
  3. Click the toggle button so it changes from CLOSED to OPEN 

If you're having trouble opening the House, visit the 'School settings' page and make sure you check the box that says 'Open house during school time'. 



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