What educational standards does my school work on?

Sumdog is correlated to a variety of educational standards and curricula. 

When you first set up your school, we'll set your standards based on your location.


To check or change which standards your school is working on:

  1. Log into Sumdog with your teacher account
  2. Click Settings in the top menu bar 
  3. Click on school settings in the second menu bar 
  4. Navigate to the 'School Standards' card, click on Select 
  5. To change them, select your standard from the drop down list and save your changes. 

Note: if you change the standards, your students will be redirected to do a diagnostic test to find their level within your new standards. 


The standards define the broad set of skills available to all users in your school. Changing standards will affect the range of questions asked, as well as the reports teachers see, but you will not lose any student data.



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