Introduction to managing students.

Here's a video on how you can manage your class roster.


Add students easily

Click your chosen class to expand it, and then click 'Add Student'.

Sumdog automatically checks for duplicates. If you see the student already has a login, just click it to add it to your class. If not, choose 'Create new login'.

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More students quickly between classes

There's no longer any need to select students and click 'Edit'. Just drag the student's name from one class to another.

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Multi-edit students

Under each class, click 'select multiple students' and choose multiple students to remove, move classes or change grades/year groups. 

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Link yourself to a class

Click 'class details' next to a class name. Click 'select teachers' and tick your name. Un-tick any teachers who are no longer teaching this class. 

You can also change class name and see subscriptions for this class. 

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Search for students

Type the student's name in the left hand bar. You'll see all the matches across your school. If you want, drag the student you're looking for into your chosen class.

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Remove students easily

To remove a student from your school entirely, drag their name into the 'Removed Students' section. 

Removed students stay there for six months, unless they join another school or a family first.

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Restore removed students

If you've accidentally removed a student, don't worry! Just expand the 'Removed Students' section and drag him right back to his class.


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If you've used our old student and class management tools, you'll notice some changes:

  • Classes are used to manage login details and subscription places.
  • Each student can now be in only one class.
  • You can also use groups to manage your students.
  • Unlike classes, students can be in more than one group.

If you have a Sumdog subscription, here's how you manage it:

  • If you purchased a school wide subscription, every class will have a gold start next to it

  • If you purchased a grade/year group wide subscription, every class with students in that grade/year group will have a gold star next to it. 

  • If you purchased a class subscription, you will already have told us which classes should be subscribed. They will automatically have a gold star next to it. If you want to transfer the subscription to a different class, click the gold star and choose 'move this to a different class' 


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