How can I change one student's username and password?

This page refers to changing only one or two student's details. If you would like to change a bulk of students login details see this page: How can I change multiple students' login details?

The best way to change just one or two students' login details: 

1) Click on the Settings tab in the top menu bar

2) Click on MANAGE in the Manage students box


3) If you manage more then one class, on your classes page click on the blue arrow next to the class you would like to view the students for. This will then drop down a list of all the students in the class.


4) Click on the name of the student you would like to edit the password for

5) On the student's profile page click on Edit details (on the bottom of the page)


6) Key in the new password. If you have enabled the editable username from your school settings you will be able to change the student's username too. 

7) Click Done to save


If you would like to change the login details for a couple of students you can also from the Manage students page:

1) Click 'Login details' at the top right corner (or bottom left corner)


2) If you would like to edit a whole class tick the class or click on the blue arrow next to the class name to drop down the list of students in the class and tick the names you would like to select.

3) On the bottom left click on Edit

4) You will now be able to key in the new password (and if enabled the new username) for the students.

5) Click Save to confirm.


Note: For security, we do advise that students are given a unique password and reminded to not share (or display) their login details to others. 

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