How do I add just one student to Sumdog?

This page explains how to add just one or two students to Sumdog. If you prefer, you can add multiple students to Sumdog.

To create a single student login:

  1. Click manage students
  2. Choose which class you would like the student to be added and click the triangle next to it. If you haven't set up your class yet click add a class at the top (under 'My classes')
  3. Click add student
  4. You will be prompted to search for the student to ensure they don't already have a login within the school 
  5. If there is no match it will say "Can't see a match?". Click create new login at the bottom of the page
  6. Enter their first and last name and choose which grade they are in
  7. Click save

Tip! Choose which grade/year level they are in according to their age, not which grade they are working on. For example: If they are in grade 6, but working on grade 5, choose grade 6.

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