Add student to existing class

This page explains how to add students to an existing class on Sumdog. 


You can these steps to either move an existing student's account from one class to another or create a new account for the student.

Step 1: Click ‘Settings’ at the top of your teacher dashboard. Annotation_2020-06-04_121058a.png
Step 2: Click ‘Manage’ in the Manage students box. Annotation_2020-06-04_120848a.png

Step 3: If the class is assigned to another teacher you can use the ‘Class filter’ on the top left and untick ‘Only my classes’. This will reveal all classes linked to the school account.

Click on the blue arrow next to the class you would like to add the student too.

Step 4: Click ‘Add student’ under the class you would like to add the student to.  Annotation_2020-06-23_114610.png

Step 5: Type in the name of the student who you would like to add to the class.

Click ‘Go’.

Step 5: If a student with a matching name already exists in the school, their name will appear.

If this is the same student, you can select that account to move it to your class by clicking on the student’s name.

If the students are not the same, click on the name under ‘Can’t see a match?’ to create a new account.

Step 6: If you had selected to create a new student account, on this page you can select which grade/year level the student is in by selecting the correct level from the drop-down list.

Click ‘Add student’ to create the account.

When choosing the grade/year level for the student choose the grade/year that they are currently in according to their class roster. Don't worry if they are working above or below their grade/year level as our Sumdog system will place them in their ability level during the diagnostic test.


Repeat if you need to add more students.



You can find details on how to view, print or email the students’ login details here.



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