Uploading multiple students and/or classes


It's best to have your spreadsheet of student details ready prior to undertaking the upload. You can download your students’ data from your school’s information system, input it into a spreadsheet, and then simply delete the unwanted columns. 


It is important not to include any headings in the spreadsheet as this can confuse the system. Ensure that the first row of the spreadsheet contains all the student data you want to upload. 


Here’s an example of how the spreadsheet should appear. 

Example 1 - Basic Details: This example shows how a spreadsheet should look if including the mandatory information.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Grade/year level
  • Class name


Column A: Is for the student’s first name.

Column B: Is for the student’s last name.

Column C: Is for a student’s grade or year group.

Column D: Represents the name of the class they should be placed in.

Example 2 Basic Details + Username & Password: This example shows how to include a username and password for your students also. The username and password fields are optional.


Follow the same structure for columns A-D as noted in Example 1, but adding the optional columns:

Column E: Can be used to include a student’s username.

Column F: Can be used to include a student’s password.


It is important to ensure that the names in your spreadsheet match the names already in the system for any existing students. 

Example: If a student’s existing account uses another spelling of their name, or includes a middle-name or different last name from that which you’re trying to upload, the system will take these as separate user accounts and create a new account for the student. 


Follow these instructions to upload the spreadsheet:

Step 1: Click on ‘Settings’ at the top of your teacher dashboard. Annotation_2020-06-04_121058a.png
Step 2: Click on ‘Manage’ in the Manage students box. Annotation_2020-06-04_120848a.png
Step 3: Click on ‘Upload student data’ near the top right of the page. Annotation_2020-06-22_151519.png

Step 4: On this page you will have the options to either paste the data, or upload a spreadsheet.

If you select ‘Paste Students’ you will need to paste the data from the spreadsheet into the box, separating each field with a comma. The steps after will be the same as if you were uploading the spreadsheet.

Click on ‘Import Students’ and select the file you would like to upload. To confirm the file click ‘Open’ after you have selected it from your computer.

Step 5: After selecting your spreadsheet you will be asked to confirm what you would like to do with the data.

It is best to select the second option, unless you also wish to change existing student login data, in which case option three is preferred. 

Click ‘Next’

Step 6: If applicable, the next page will query if you wish to remove any students’ accounts. If you are uncertain, click ‘No, do not delete any students’. 

You can always remove students at a later point if they leave the school. You can find more details about how to remove students here.

Click ‘Next’.

Step 7: On this page you will be asked to confirm the data in each column. 

Chick on the drop-down bar at the top of each column to confirm what data is represented in each field.

Click ‘Next’.


Note: If during the upload you are seeing any error messages you can click here for a list of errors and the solutions.


Step 8: *This page is not mandatory.* If there is more than one student with the same name in the spreadsheet or system, you will be prompted to confirm which account in the system the student belongs to (if any). 

Example: In the image we have uploaded two students with the same name into a spreadsheet. The system queries which existing account belongs to the student. 

If both students are new, select ‘New student’ from the drop-down list for both of them.

If one of the students has an existing account, select the matching account from the drop-down list.

Click ‘Next’.

Step 9: You will now be shown a preview of the upload, which accounts will be created, and which accounts will be changed.

Click ‘Save students’ if everything looks correct.

Step 10: The final page will show you a summary of how many accounts have been created, and how many existing students were moved to a new class.

Click ‘Done’.


Your classes have now been created.


If you are helping to set up classes for your colleagues, you can assign them to a class after it has been established. Here you can find details of that process.


You can also find details of how to view and print or email your students’ login details to their parents here.


If you need to remove any students that have left the school, or delete any old classes, you can find details of that process here.





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