How can I choose the skills my children work on?

Sumdog's unique learning engine adapts it's questions to each child's ability so you don't have to set skills or level. 

If you feel that they are working at a level too high or too low, you can re-run their diagnostic test. To do this, click their name, click diagnostic test report and re-run diagnostic test at the bottom. If your child is linked to a school you will have to ask their teacher to do this. 


If you would like to choose the specific skills your child is working on you can set a challenge:

  1. Log onto your parent account
  2. Click Activities
  3. Click Create Challenge
  4. Choose a subject, click next
  5. Choose your child, click next
  6. Click set skills at the bottom left to choose the specific skills your child will work on 
  7. Finish setting up your challenge and the next time your child logs onto Sumdog they will see the challenge panel on their screen


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