How do I add a student who already has a Sumdog account?

If you have a student who has recently moved to your school from another school and already has a Sumdog account you can link their account to your school.

This means they will not lose any progress and can use the same login details. 


  1. A teacher at the student's old school must remove the student from that school. To do this, the old teacher should:
    -Log in and click Manage students
    -Find the student and either drag them into removed students or click their name and click remove from school

  2. The student asks to join the new school. To do this, the student should:
    -Log in and go to their profile page (top right corner in the Sumdog house)
    -Click join a school
  3. -Type the new school's school code
    (Teachers can log in and get the school code under Login Settings on this page:

  4. Once the student has done this, a teacher at the new school needs to approve them joining. To do this, the new teacher should:
    -Log in and click manage students
    -Student requests are on the left side.


If the student has a family account that is not connected to a school they need only follow steps 2 and 3. 


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