How do I restrict activities?

You can restrict students to one of the follow activities: assessments, contest, challenges and competitions, tables or training mode.

When you do this, the restricted activity is the only option your students can work on for an hour. 


To restrict activities:

  1. Log into your teacher account
  2. Click on Set work (at the top of the page next to Overview)
  3. Make sure to click on Live controls (next to Plan work just below the top bar)
  4. You can select the class you would like to restrict, by clicking on the name of the class (just under the Plan work option)
  5. Click on Restrict in the Focus Work box
  6. Then click the class controls panel again and click restrict activities 
  7. Choose the activity to restrict students to 
  8. Click restrict at the right corner to save your changes


 If you are using the old teacher dashboard click on the Class control panel on the left and select Restrict activities or click here.


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