Why can't I play Sumdog's 3D games?

Sumdog's 3D games and games with Spelling questions are made differently from other Sumdog games. They run using WebGL which needs up to date browsers to work properly.

You'll need one of these browsers:

Browser Minimum version Link to download recent version
Chrome or later Chrome
Firefox 42.0 or later Firefox
Edge 15 or later  


Check which browser you are using - click here. Update your browser using the links above.

If you are still having difficulties running Sumdog 3D games, your operating system or hardware might be struggling to run WebGL. Try using a different computer or download one of our apps.


OS Compatible with Link to download
iOS iOS 6.0 or later Download from the App Store
Android KitKat 4.4 or later Download from Google Play or the Amazon App Store


3D games are a subscription feature. If you are interested in a trial please contact us.

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