How do I view and/or edit my school code?

You can view - and edit - your school code on from your School settings.

When your students log in to Sumdog, they need to identify who they are.


Each student has a default username, which is unique across all of Sumdog's users. Because there are so many users, though, these usernames can be difficult to remember. So we also let students log in using a simpler, customizable username, together with a school code.


Each school has it's own unique school code. When you set up your school, Sumdog chooses a school code for you, but teachers can choose to shorten it to make it easier for younger students to type.


To shorten your school code:

  1. Click your school name (top right corner box) 
  2. Click School details
  3. Click change beside your school code at the top of the screen
  4. Type your new school code into the box. So long as it's unique, you can shorten your school code to something simpler or more memorable.
  5. Save your changes and reprint your student's login details if they have changed. 


Teachers don't need a school code to log in if you enter the e-mail address you used to create your Sumdog account as the username.


This change will affect all users, but don't worry, we'll send teachers an email letting them know the setting has been changed.





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