How do I accept a teacher's join request?


When a teacher requests to join your school, all teachers on your Sumdog account will receive an email notification.

Only one teacher has to approve the joining request.

Only approve requests from teachers who you know are a  part of your school. It might be good to verify that they are using your school's email before approving a teacher join request.

To accept a joining request:

  1. Log into Sumdog with your teacher account
  2. Click Settings from your top bar menu 
  3. Click School settings from the menu bar below settings. 
  4. Navigate to the 'Manage teachers' box and click MANAGE 
  5. Click Add teachers on the bottom left
  6. If there are any requests, you will see them in the 'Teachers waiting to join' panel. To approve the request, click accept. 


Teachers will only be able to view students data once their request to join has been approved. If the teacher requesting to join is not part of your school click 'reject'.

If you don't see any requests to join, it may be that another teacher has already approved it. You'll see the teacher listed on the 'Teachers' page.

If a teacher on the list is no longer at your school do remove them from your school account.



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