How do I invite a teacher to join my school?

It's easy to get other teachers involved in Sumdog.


To invite another teacher to be part of your Sumdog school:

  1. Log into Sumdog with your teacher account
  2. Click settings from your top bar menu
  3. Click school settings from the menu bar below settings.
  4. Navigate to the 'Manage teachers' box and click MANAGE 
  5. Click Add teachers on the bottom left 
  6. Type in the email address of the teacher you want to invite and click send an invitation.
    Once they sign up, they'll automatically be accepted into your school and will have access to student data. 

Alternatively, just ask the teacher to create a free Sumdog teacher account, search for your school and request to join. You'll receive a notification asking you to accept their request to join.


Sent invitations will appear on the Add Teacher page and can be cancelled any time, so long as the invited teachers have not accepted them.


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