What should I do with duplicate student accounts?

If more than one account has been created for a student you will notice duplicate accounts. Duplicate accounts can be confusing, particularly if you are using subscription features or playing in a contest. 

For this reason, it's best to delete the duplicate account. 


To search for duplicate accounts:

  1. Click manage students
  2. Use the search bar on the left to search for a student
  3. If more than one account appears for the same student there is a duplicate account


Clean up student account

  1. Click the top right box
  2. Click clean up student accounts
  3. Decide which users you would like to remove, e.g. delete users who have never logged in
  4. Click delete users

Please note, this may delete students from other classes.

If you remove students accidentally you can recover their accounts by dragging them out of the removed students section on your roster. 


Tip: Regularly tidy up your school account to avoid confusion! 


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