What should I do when a student moves school?

If a student leaves your school you should remove them from your Sumdog school account.

Doing this allows them to join their new school whilst keeping all of their existing progress and data. Once you remove a student from your school you will no longer have access to their account data.

  1. Click the Settings tab in the Top Menu bar
  2. Click My settings in the Sub Menu bar
  3. Click the Manage students box
  4. Click select multiple students at the bottom of the class
  5. Select all the students you would like to remove
  6. To remove a whole class click select all at the bottom of the class
  7. Once you're happy, click remove students at the bottom left corner - it will tell you how many students will be removed
  8. Alternatively, if you only want to remove one or two students you can do this by clicking on their name and click Remove student at the bottom of the page. You can also drag and drop their account into the Removed students folder.


Do not remove the student from your school if you only wish to remove them from your class, instead, change their class following these instructions.

If you've accidentally removed a student from your school, you can add them back.



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