How do I remove students?


From your teacher account, you will be able to either remove a student one by one or in bulk. 

You should remove a student if they have left your school. 


If you would like to remove students in bulk:

1) Click Settings at the top

2) Click on MANAGE in the Manage students box


3) To see all the classes in your school tick all grades/year groups on the left

4) Click Select multiple students


5) Select all the students you would like to remove. To remove a whole class click Select all at the bottom of the class

6) Once you're happy, click Remove students at the bottom left corner - it will tell you how many students will be removed



To remove one student:

  1. Click Settings at the top
  2. Click MANAGE in the Manage students box
  3. Find the student you would like to remove 
  4. Click and drag them into Students no longer in my school folder
  5. Alternatively, you can click on their name and click 'Remove student' at the bottom 

When they are in the 'removed students' folder you will see their names but not access their data

Their accounts will remain active for 6 months to allow them to join a family or new school. 


If you have accidentally removed a student you can drag and drop their account back into your class.

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