How do I move students between classes?

If you would like to move a bulk of students:

1) Click Settings at the top

2) Click MANAGE in the Manage students box


3) To view all the classes in your school, tick 'all grades/all year groups' on the top left Class filters

4) Click Select multiple students under a class


5) Click on all the students you wish to move. To choose all the students, click select all. You can select students from multiple classes. 


6) Click and drag their names into the class you would like them to be in

7) Click Done

If you are also adding new students you will find it useful to use a spreadsheet to rearrange your classes.


To move one student:

1) Follow steps 1, 2 and 3

2) Find the class the student is in 

3) Click and drag them into another class

4) If you do not know what class your student is in you can search for them. You can then scroll down to the class and drag and drop the student into their new class

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