What should I do at the start of a new school year?

At the start of the year you should take a little time to clean up your school's Sumdog account and class lists. 

Do this on your roster (To access your roster, click manage students)


  • We will automatically move students up a grade/year group on August 1. You can see this change on your roster - the grade/year group to the right of each class will have changed. Please note, we do not change class names or teachers. You can find out how to do this below. 


  • You can delete or move more than one student at a time. On your roster, you can click select students to move, delete and change student grades in bulk. 



  • Re-arrange your classes. If your classes have been re-arranged from last year, or you would like to create new ones you can quickly reorganize them using a spreadsheet. 





Students should keep using the same login details - even when they're moved to a different class. By using the same login details, they retain their educational progress record, as well as the coins and pets they've earned.


Tip: Print out login details to help students remember them. 





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