How do I assign classes to teachers?

To assign yourself or other teachers to a class: 

  1. Log into Sumdog with your teacher account
  2. Select Setting (at the top of the page)
  3. Click Manage in the Manage student box 
  4. The class filters on the top left will allow you to view all the classes in the school 
  5. Click view details next to the specified class.
  6. Click select teachers then select the teacher that will be managing that class. 
  7. Click Save

Classes can be monitored by more than one teacher. 

When you link yourself to a class, you can set activities and view reports for the students within it. 

To remove a teacher from a class just un-tick their name.


If you are using the old teacher dashboard click on Manage student panel on the right to access your class roster page or use this link.


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