Why can't I use one login for the whole class?

Sumdog needs every student to have a different account.

We do this for three reasons:


  1. Sumdog gets to know each child personally, understanding their strong and weak areas and providing them with a custom set of questions based on their ability. If multiple students use the same account, the questions offered may be too easy or too hard for the child playing. 
  2. Every question a student answers on Sumdog is recorded, to give us a detailed understanding of their abilities. We use this data to provide insightful reports for teachers and parents. If multiple students use one account, the reports a teacher views will be inaccurate. 
  3. When each child has their own login, they can play against their classmates - this makes Sumdog even more fun! They can customize their avatar and decorate their on-screen house with items bought in the Sumdog shop. 


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