How do I join a school?

 Have you registered for you Sumdog teacher account? If not, register here first.

1) After you have set up your account, you will be asked to first select your country from the drop down list.


2) To narrow the search, you will need to fill in your school details. As you type, schools will start to appear on the left.

Can't see your account? Click on the green Create box (scroll down for instructions on how to create your school)

3) Once you have found your school, click on ‘Join’. You may see the initials of the teachers currently in the school account to check that this is the correct school.


4) You will now see the join request pending screen over the dashboard. Any teacher currently part of your school will be able to approve your join request. We do this to verify that you are part of the school.

Once your request has been approved, you will be able to access your dashboard and add your pupils.


5) All teachers on the school account will be sent an email letting them know that your join request is pending.

When they log in, a screen will tell them that a teacher is waiting to have their request accepted.


6) Once your account has been approved you will be asked to add your class.


You can do this by clicking on either  Add students one by one or Upload a student spreadsheet.

If you requested to join the wrong school here is how you can cancel your join request.


Creating a school account

1) Click on ‘Create’ in the ‘Can’t see your school?’ box.


2) Fill in the details for your school and click ‘Next’.


3) Select your region and click ‘Next’.


4) You will now be taken on to set up a class and add your students.



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