How do I create a new school on Sumdog?

To create student logins and monitor your class' progress, you'll first need to create or join your school account.

Log into Sumdog with your teacher account.

  1. Click Ready? Join your school.
  2. First search to check if your school already has a Sumdog account.
  3. Select your country and enter the ZIP or postal code for your school then click 'Search'.
  4. You'll see suggested schools which match your ZIP or postal code.
  5. If you don't see your school, scroll down and click 'Advanced search' to provide Sumdog with more information to search with.
  6. If you still can't see your school then it's not registered with Sumdog.
  7. If you don't see your school, click 'Set up a new school'. Please check to make sure the details you have entered are correct. Then click 'Create school'.
  8. Lastly, enter the neighborhood or local area of your school and click 'Save'

Tip: If you don't see your district on our list, please check you've entered the correct address details or choose the nearest district geographically. This is mainly used to put your school in the right local contests.

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