How do I find out if my school already uses Sumdog?

Before creating a new school, it's important to check if your school is already using Sumdog. If you don't check, there's a chance you will create a duplicate school which makes it confusing when new teachers try to join or if adding a subscription.

To check if your school is already using Sumdog:

  1. Log in to Sumdog with your teacher account.
  2. If you've not yet joined a school, click 'Ready? Join your school'.
  3. Select your country and enter the ZIP or postal code for your school then click search.
  4. You'll see suggested schools which match your ZIP or postal code.
  5. If you don't see your school, scroll down and click advanced search to provide Sumdog with more information to search with.
  6. If you still can't see your school then it's not registered with Sumdog.


Tip: Double check for spelling errors if you're struggling to find your school. 

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