What are pets?

When you start playing Sumdog you'll be given a pet after completing your diagnostic test.


Once you've chosen your pet, you won't be able to give it back. It is yours to name and play with! Each pet will be able to perform ten tricks. There are currently 10 pets for you to earn and play with.


Every time you master a new skill on Sumdog, your pet will learn a new trick. Once your pet has learned all of its tricks you'll be able to choose a new pet. To earn pet tricks you will need to master skills with the meerkat icon next to them (on your skill chooser).


Once you've completed a skill you'll be given a trick for your pet to perform. Click the pet to see its tricks. The coloured buttons show the tricks your pet has already learned and the grey buttons show the tricks your pet still has to learn.


Click the coloured buttons to make your pet perform the trick. Once your pet has learned all ten tricks you will get to choose a new pet after mastering the next skill.


In Sumdog's House, you can play with all of your pets. Click on the pet to see a set of arrows. Use these arrows to change which pet is shown.

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