How do I add children to my account?

To add children to your family account:

  1. Log in to Sumdog through your parent account
  2. Click on Settings (top blue bar)
  3. Click on EDIT in the Children box
  4. You'll now see any existing children you have as part of your account.
  5. Click Add child

If your child already has a Sumdog account at school, you should link them to your account. This means that your child will be working on the same account whilst playing both at home and at school. To do this, enter your child's login details. If they've forgotten their details, ask their teacher for a reminder.

If your child is new to Sumdog you can create a new login for them. Enter their name and date of birth and Sumdog will do the rest. Once you click 'Create account' you'll be able to see your child's username and password. They will use this to log in.

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