How does Sumdog use cookies?

We use small files called Cookies to help make Sumdog easier to use, and to help us improve the site for you. We store these Cookies on your computer.

Cookies can't be used to identify you personally. They simply let us know when you return to the site. This helps us, for example, to remember that you're logged in, or to remember the settings you chose on your previous visit. We store them in the Cookies folder on your computer.

Here's a table describing the Cookies we use:

Cookie nameWhat it's for
browsercheck Tests whether your browser can use Sumdog's other Cookies
NRAGENT, __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz Monitor Sumdog's performance and speed, and helping us understand how the site is used, so we can optimize it for you
_sumdog, JSESSIONID, sumdog_shared_cookie Recognize and coordinate your login across Sumdog's servers
default_school Identifies your school code, so you can log in more easily

You can find out more what Cookies are, and how to manage them, here: Please remember, though, that some of Sumdog's services won't work properly if you block Cookies.

If you want to know more about the information we collect and store, see the relevant sections of our Privacy Policy.


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