What are Sumdog contests?

How to enter contests from Sumdog on Vimeo.

Sumdog's contests are free to take part in. They let you compete against other classes - either locally or nationwide.

These are different from activities, such as competitions or challenges, which are only visible within your school. When you play in a contest, your class will play against classes from other schools.

Students participate in contests by simply playing Sumdog's games while in the contest. Their scores will count towards their class' score in the contest. The total class score will be a class average.

All contests last a week - from 8am on Friday, local time, to 8pm the following Thursday.

Students who answer 100 questions in a contest will receive an item for their Sumdog house.

There is a 1,000 question limit in the contest, this means that students who answer above 1,000 questions will not have the excess counted. This is done to make it fair to students who might not have much access to the internet.

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