What is a Sumdog friend?

If you like, you can add friends on Sumdog. Having somebody as a friend allows you to send and receive gifts from them through the Sumdog store and view their profile. You will also be able to compare high-scores in the games under Friends' best.

To add somebody as a friend, go to the House and select Add friends on the Friends panel. Enter their unique Friend ID then select Ask. This will ask them if they want to be your friend. If they accept, you will become friends. Alternatively, you can give your unique Friend ID to somebody and they can add you as a friend. Your unique Friend ID is shown on the Add friends page. 

Note: Remember, only add people you know as friends. You should also not give out your unique friend ID to people you do not know.

To view a friend's Sumdog profile, go to the House then select the friend's name in the Friends pane. You can customise your own profile by selecting the Profile pane in the House.

At the end of each game, you can select the Friends' best tab to view the high-scores of your friends. This is a fun way to compete with each other and encourage you both to progress!

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