How do students take an assessment?

Assessments are a subscription feature.  Read more about our school subscriptions here. If you would like a free trial, please contact us.  


As soon as you set the assessment they will see a picture of a big clock on their main city page. This will appear during the time that has been set for the assessment to run.

(if the student is playing a game when the assessment is set, it will appear once they have finished the game).


To enter the assessment, the student will just need to click on the big clock on their city page.


On the assessment page the students will see how many questions they have to answer and the time limit.

They will also be rewarded with 5 coins for each correct answer.

To start the assessment the student will need to click on Start on the bottom right of the assessment page.


During the assessment the students will be shown how much time they have left on the bottom left of the page.

They will also be able to skip a question or go back to a previous question by clicking either Back or Next on the bottom right of the page.


At the end of the assessment the students will be able to see how many questions there were in total and how many they have answered.

They will also have the option to Check their answers or if they are happy click on Finish on the bottom right.


Once the students have clicked Finish and submitted their answers they will be shown their assessment results.

They will be able to see how many questions they answered, correct answers and how many coins they earned.

Click Done to return to the City page.


From your teacher account you will be able to let your students know which questions they have answered incorrectly from the assessment result under Set Work select CREATE & VIEW in the Assessment box, click on View in the Assessment result box.

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