What does the Proficiency Chart show?

For subscribed children, you'll be able to run our proficiency chart. This is a more in-depth view for teachers and parents, illustrating what level the child is working at. You'll see when the student mastered each skill, the steps involved, and the standards correlations.

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Proficiency Charts explained

How do we calculate proficiency?

We calculate student's proficiency as the proportion of that grade/year's skills the student has completed. Skills that take longer to teach contribute more to proficiency than other skills. This is shown on the Y axis.


What does the proficiency chart show?

Along each line, you'll see a series of shapes representing the skills that the student has completed.

Click the shape to see a summary of the skill and when it was completed. For more details, including its curriculum correlation, click the triangle next to the skill name to expand.


What time frame does the proficiency chart cover?

Scroll in and out of the graph to see different time periods - alternatively, you can click Fit year or Fit all to change the time frame.



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