How can I know what my students are working on?

To see what skills your students are currently working and their progress you can view your student's report card.


To view your student's report card you can either click on their name from your teacher dashboard or select them from your Manage student page.

The report card shows data for the currently selected subject (Math, Reading or Spelling). To view the report card for another subject, select Subject at the bottom left of the report card then select the subject you are interested in.



On your students report card you will be able view:

Diagnostic test result: this will show you your student's current diagnostic test score. The results will be in correlation to your selected standards. Click on the Diagnostic Test Report to see how your student answered in the diagnostic test.

Current hard skills: This will show you what skill your student is working on. Students will need to get at least 80% accuracy overall and within each step of the skill to move onto the next skill in their skill plan.

A skill will be marked as hard when a student gets below 50% accuracy in a skill. If a student has 3 and more hard skills they will be placed on Revision mode. During Revision mode students will be asked questions they have already mastered and also questions on their hard skill to see if they have improved. Click on the Hard Skill Report to see your student current and past hard skills. This is a subscription feature.

Current level: this will show you the skill level your students are currently working on. This level will increase each time your student masters a new skill above their current level or if they are working through their skill plan. Click on the Proficiency Chart to see how your student has progressed through the skills. These are both subscription features.

Focus skill: this will show you the skill your student is currently working on. If your student is in revision mode you will also see it listed here.

Proficiency Report: this will show you the skills the student has mastered and the skill they are currently focusing on. This is a subscription feature.

Fact Families Report: this will show you how your student is progressing through their addition, substation, multiplication and division tables. Students will need to select Tables from their activity panel on their student account to answer questions on the fact family.


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