How can students access Writing at home?

Students can play Sumdog's Writing games at home, however, they will need approval from a parent first. This only needs to be done once per student to activate writing at home.

Instruction for teachers:

Teachers should generate a consent code for parents to enter. This consent code is unique and time limited.

 To generate this code:

  1. Log in to Sumdog with your teacher account
  2. Click the purple 'School' panel and select 'Writing settings'
  3. Click 'Generate Consent Code'
  4. You'll see a consent code alongside a template email to print or send to parents, who will enter the code on a free parent account.

Below the email template, you'll see a list of your students and an indication of whether their parents has given consent or not.

Instructions for parents: 

Parents and guardians should sign up for a free parent login to allow your children to write with other students outside lessons. If you need help setting up your account, see here.

Once you have an account:

  1. Click the purple 'Family' button on the right
  2. Choose 'writing settings'
  3. Enter the code provided by the teacher


Tip: If your code has expired you can generate another one on this page too.

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